• Why language specific params defined in “[lanuage]” missing some information defined outside “[lanuage]”

            var1 ="1"
            var2 ="2"

The language specific params will override the variable with the same name defined outside of “[language]“, In above example, there is no var2 availble, and Site.Params.Home only can see var1=“changed”

  • Why baseURL defined in config file doesn’t take effect when running in hugo server mode?

All the baseURL will with baseUrlhttp://localhost:port" when run in hugo server mode, but if you run hugo command, you can see the baseUrl you specified contains in geneated pages. the workaround is run hugo server -b [baseURL] to explicitly specify the baseURL

  • How to list all the pages under specific subdir without using taxonomy?

There is no easy way to do that, especially if you want to paginator the pages. I wrote a document to detail desribe how to do it here: Hugo list all the pages under sub directories